Suzanne Kyra, M.A. I am the co-founder of Living Big Events with my son Zachary Kyra-Derksen. The concept of Living Big came to us in 2010 after the publication of my first book Welcome Home To Yourself. I was speaking on radio interviews about my and my son Nathan Derksen's book. I spoke about our book being about living with grace no matter what adversity faces us. This was]2009, the time of the economic recession, my focus then turned to   topics like, How to Lavish Your Life Without Spending Money. I was at a Bill Walsh event and he said this is Living Big, and this is how Living Big came to life. Living Big is not about what you have, it is about what you share. I began to apply my clinical counselling acumen to a personal growth development process and I called it Living Big. And this is how the concept of Living Big as a Personal development journey came into existence. I am now pleased to see that the seed of Living Big has been taken out into the world. This was my dream for Living Big. I am very excited to see more and more people joining the idea of bigger thinking, big picture planning, bigger and better kindness towards one another. Living Big is interesting, because it shows that it is the small things, that add up to something big and wonderful when done with kindness, insight and mindfulness. We can all do this!

As a registered clinical counsellor I practice this philosophy in my clinical practices. I have two offices in West Vancouver, and Coquitlam, B.C. My work at Living Big is all based on my work as a clinical counsellor, and the many years as a clinical supervisor at Simon Fraser University Psychology Clinic.

I do love my work! I made it this way! You can experience this in any of my talks, my presentations at private events to my presentations at world corporate events.  I look at my career as very successful because of the people I have been blessed to support, and council, as they do their impressive personal growth work in empowering themselves. I have been gifted with the Benjamin Franklin gold award winner for 'Welcome Home To Yourself' at the World Book Expo in New York City. When asked will I ever stop my work, and do something else. I say with a glint in my eye, why would I ever stop what brings so much joy to myself and others. I am living my Living Big!


I have always viewed that both our personal and professional life as equally important to attain joyous satisfaction and deeply meaningful success. At the Living Big Events I speak about all of life’s topics with deep empathy, deliberation  from my personal and professional experiences and professional training. I am somewhat of a wordsmith. I provide a language on how to speak meaningfully and authentically about everyday ordinary and significant experiences, such as how to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, fear, aggression, collapse, confusion or despair. Rather, how to sense your body, find what brings you joy inside of you, and frond this place come back to take care of yourself and what is important to you. I call this how to inspire and connect with the natural resources inside yourself and return to a individuated, free self, to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. The process is exciting and the shift is wonderfully sustainable. 

Award Winning Author

My son, photographer Nathan Derksen, and I have co-created the Gold Benjamin Franklin award-winning book Welcome Home to Yourself: A Therapist and Photographer Explore the Meaning of Life Through Individual Lenses. I had lead workshops, and became recognized as a foremost expert in living joyously! My passion and mission is challenging the universality of feeling disconnected. I focus on how to move from disconnection into connection with yourself and others, and how to move forward in a productive and proactive manner. The dance of empowered success in a way that truly cares for yourself and others.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

I focus on the universality of the human condition; everyone has strengths, blind spots, and experiences where life is very magical and at other times very difficult. I  begin with focusing on the strengths of the individual and on solutions, rather than on the individual’s problems. I help build core strengths to resource clients in addressing their problems and issues. I incorporate a teaching component on how to become self-aware and to trust yourself. The goal is for my clients to effectively attend to what is needed, have healthy boundaries, and stay in connection with themselves and create and maintain healthy relationships. I explore with my clients on how to move from feelings of disconnection, despair, and loss – to self-awareness, self-discovery, and mutual connection.

I help my clients to make positive differences in their lives by first making a connection with them. I then mindfully help them stir things up in their lives that they need to address, so they can move forward to overcome their fears and make choices to live an empowered, satisfying life.

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