Intuitive Eating is Not a Diet. It is a Disciplined Life Style

Intuitive Eating:  Listening to your body’s wisdom—No More Dieting!

Food represents so many things to us—nourishment, comfort, friend, enemy, guilt, pleasure, emptiness, fullness, desire, sensuality. In spite of thousands of books and articles written on the subject, and fad diets that come and go, our population is becoming increasingly unhealthy. Yet, research has shown that dieting does not work, and, in fact, may only make us less healthy. How we can we get off the food treadmill, leave concern about dieting behind, and eat wisely? 

There is a way:  “Intuitive Eating.” Intuitive eating is based on the premise that our body is able to guide us to healthy eating patterns—if we listen to it. So much of our eating is based on routine, social pressures, boredom, anxiety, or emotion that we have often lost our ability to truly listen to what our body needs. When we are eating intuitively we are creating a healthy relationship with our mind and body in which we become the expert in sensing our body’s wisdom. We learn to distinguish between physical and emotional sensations. The beauty of this approach is that it transcends traditional dieting. Rather than counting calories or over-emphasizing certain foods, we regulate what we eat and how much we eat based on hunger and satiety. Dieting works against human biology and often results in a craving for the “forbidden” foods, whereas intuitive eating teaches us to work in harmony with our biology by understanding it.

This sounds great in theory, but how can we put it into practice? If we don’t concern ourselves with dieting, won’t we eat too much “bad” food? It may seem counter-intuitive, but we need to learn how to eat. Here are eight steps to transform your relationship with food:

1)  Throw out the taboos

One of the effects of dieting is a physiological and psychological desire to binge on foods designated as “taboo.” In intuitive eating there are no taboos. Once foods are no longer described as “taboo,” most people lose interest in them. When we are committed to recognizing what our bodies really want, most food cravings disappear. Remember, one meal, one snack, or one day of a poor diet will not make you unhealthy. It is what you eat routinely over time. Progress to your goal is what counts.  

2)  Eat in tune with your body’s rhythm

Our body temperature fluctuates predictably during the day--lowest at night when we sleep and rising in the morning until it peaks around noon (along with the sun). It then dips between about two and five pm. Eating in tune with this rhythm enhances our metabolism—the rate at which we burn our calories. The act of eating raises body temperature, so the optimal times to eat our biggest meals are at breakfast and lunch, with a small meal in the evening. That way we burn our food most efficiently, and sleep most soundly because our body temperature needs to fall for us to sleep well. If you want to lose weight, consume most of your calories during the first two meals. Having a skimpy breakfast and lunch, and then eating ravenously in the evening is a recipe for weight gain, a sluggish day, and poor sleep.

3)  Learn to respond to your body’s signals in a healthy, positive, nurturing way

This is perhaps the most important principle of intuitive eating. It is when we do not listen to our body’s needs that we may harm it. Eating when we are hungry and stopping when we are full is fundamental to eating well. When we eat slowly with awareness and gratitude, our body will let us know when we have had enough before we overload it, and will also let us know what foods are best for us.

4)  Eat slowly with awareness and gratitude

About 30% to 40% of our digestive response to our meal is due to how it looks, smells, tastes, and satisfies. If we consume our food without awareness of these factors, we may be metabolizing at only 60% to 70% efficiency. We then become susceptible to various digestive disorders. When we eat too fast or fail to notice our food and our body’s response to it, we think we are still hungry and tend to eat too much. When we register satisfaction with our food, we no longer need to fight ourselves about what we eat. 

5)  Eat in a relaxed manner—breathe!

When we eat under stress, even chronic, low level stress, our metabolism decreases and we burn fewer calories. Anxiety and worry produce stress, and weight gain can result. The antidote is to promote relaxation when we eat. The more we oxygenate ourselves with conscious breathing while we eat, relax, and enjoy ourselves, the better will be our digestion, calorie burn, and nutrient assimilation. 

6)  Eat the best quality of food 

The nutritional and energetic quality of our food is impacted by every step in the food chain--from what farmers place on their fields, to how the food is harvested, shipped, stored, and cooked. When we consume it, we are impacted by its entire history. The higher the quality of our food, the greater its nutritional value. When we consume low quality food laced with preservatives and chemicals, our body registers it as nutritionally deficient and signals us to eat more. 

7)  Honor your feelings without using food

Unconsciously and consciously, we associate certain foods with emotional attributes based on triggers from our past. We long to eat foods that brought us comfort in another time. Food so often can become a substitute for something we are missing in our lives, leading us to eat foods that don’t enhance our health, or eating when we are not hungry. Fear, anxiety, boredom, or sadness are all emotions we experience throughout our lives. Responding to those emotions with eating may provide short-term comfort, but doesn’t do anything to solve our problems. Eating to satisfy emotional hunger may make us feel worse as a result. 

8)  Respect and love your body

We live in a culture that equates thin with beauty, well-being, and success. The first step in countering these false expectations is to accept our genetic heritage and inherent body size and shape. When we accept our bodies, we feel better about who we are, and are then not driven to constant dieting to alter our basic shape. 

“Taste and discernment are cousins. They both require you to choose carefully.”  --Suzanne Kyra

Suzanne Kyra, M.A., is a Registered Clinical Counselor, international speaker, consultant, and author of Welcome Home to Yourself  

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Diversity, Connection and Resolution

Happy Canada day weekend! May we all find our own unique healthy way to celebrate Canada's150th birthday. We are a country which prides ourselves in its diversity. Of course diversity brings wonderful unique ways of celebrating Canada. As we are preparing to celebrate Canada Day, some First Nations people are rallying in Ottawa to be heard, seen and acknowledged. This is a healthy response to honouring their needs. The more mutual connection, and healthy attachment we have with each other, the more friction we see in our connections. This means people are finding ways to work out issues. When people are silenced and threatened, the friction goes underground, and violence and marginalization always occurs. This is an immature state of a culture. What does have this have to do with celebrating Canada's birthday? Everything! Some Canadians are radiating abundance, and some Canadians are radiating hopelessness and despair. A true celebrations embraces all of these nuances in every person.

When people can safely step up, and ask with entitlement, "What about my needs?" There is an opportunity for negotiation and resolution. As a feminist, in the seventies, many women did not ask for their needs to be met with as much entitlement as women do today. And yet, many women today, have many more rights then women did in the seventies. Self-awareness brings more awareness to one's needs, and hunger to have these needs met. Hence, more friction is apt to begin.

As a clinical counsellor, and personal growth facilitator, I state where there is no friction there is no connection. Ask any engineer: "Can you have connection without friction?" Absolutely not! When we realize friction is natural in forming ever changing connections, development growth and transitions occur, we accommodate these transactions, and there is healthy back and forth interactions. The probability of violence is significantly less. The more mature a culture is in supporting individual differences and needs, the more mature are the solutions on how to create a yes and world with great flexibility and empowerment.

In systems where freedom for all is not honoured, people are shut down and the healthy friction becomes unhealthy fear, and violence. Coming back to Canada and its celebrations, the unrest Canada is seeing is healthy. This unrest and satisfaction which we see around us, is part of the the transformation which is happening in our country. Just the way it should be happening. Diversity is alive and well in Canada.

Life is all about change. Now how will be celebrate Canada's 150 years of life? Lets say it this way? First comes the honeymoon, then comes the question: "Who are you Canada?" Then comes the hard work of making a home in Canada, and then comes the power struggles on how to improve what is not working, and then comes the stage of acceptance, and then the spark of gratitude to live here. Similar to the development stages in every relationship whether at home or at work.

The interesting part is, every Canadian citizen is at a different development stage in their alliance to Canada. The First Nations people have lived here since 1000 B.C to 500 B.C. See the perspective will be very different than someone whose family roots are one generation old in Canada. Understanding this difference, empowers us all to now stop, and pause, reflect on how we feel, and how does the other person feel. This develops deeper empathy and a relationship field of higher Emotional Intelligence.

Some Canadians are at the Honeymoon stage, some are at the power struggle stage, and some are at the gratefulness stage, some are doing their best to let only some change happen. At every stage there is something to gain and something to loose. Realizing this psychological flow in all relationships creates healthy responses, and brings opportunity for something more for the future. This is enlightened individuation.

Individuation creates a yes and world, a world of kindness and respect for each other.

May this be what Canada always stands for, a YES AND WORLD! All people are welcomed and loved!

Thank you to Canada, and to all of you who are so part of making this country great. Happy Canada Day! I love you Canada!

Thank you for reading this article. I would love to here your comments. Thank you.


Being a great leader is not dependent on one's sex. Yet the sex of the individual determines the probability of being a leader, and a leader that will be supported by the masses Why this is, is not as important, as is, how to move forward. How can we see more more women as leaders, and more men doing their personal growth work?

Women need to have a healthy representation of our population in places of power. When leadership positions are given to a minority group of privileged people it is skewed. This leads to a dangerous myopic decision making process. It  excludes the voices of humanitarian needs,  and planet needs. The political focus is on control, unhealthy power, and financial profit, at any cost.

Why are women excluded from leadership? Women share a huge capacity for multitasking. Statistically women are the primary care giver, social convenor, single parents, and like men, bread winners with less privileges then men. Yet women are still not properly represented in the public eye. We need women to be seen as natural leaders, and break this damaging schism between the sexes of an us and them. This schism between the sexes and the existence of gender roles annihilates the right for individual human dignity and ethics. When one sex represents both sexes we are in dangerous waters.

Women traditionally hold a stronger sense of mutuality and connection. Historically women handle conflict with significantly less complexity than we have see among men. Women appreciate deeper transparency, and are less prone to fearing healthy conflict. In the personal and professional development courses I have taken and have given, it is predominantly women who are present, unless the course holds the power for greater financial growth. This is where the men thrive in numbers. Women will attend a life time of personal growth for greater self awareness and empowerment, men typically do not.

It is in the personal development world we see predominately women and in the financial world we see predominantly men  With this kind of background, which type of people will be more competent in addressing the needs of those who are disempowered and lost? We need to see men and women mixing up the stereotype of the sexes. More men in the personal growth world, and more women in the leadership world.

Our future is our children, and our planet  We need more and more women to be leaders, and help wake up the dangerous emotional climate, that children are reared in, where attachment is less and less valued., A world without a better representation of women in leadership roles and men in personal development workshops, we are going in the wrong direction for the humanity of everyone. 

Ruminations for You:

Women why not choose to step out, show up and understand your lack of privilege in leadership positions is not earned, it has been taken from you by force. It is a political system of power.  Why not show up and express yourself your way? Be strong, humble and kind.

Men why not choose to step out, show up and understand your privilege in leadership positions is not always earned, it has often been given to you. It is a political system of power.  Why not show up and express yourself, your way? Be strong, humble and kind.

Women why not choose to follow your passions and talents,  and assert your success, come out into the world, in good  ways you never imagined possible?.

Men why not choose to follow your passions and talents,  and assert your success, and come out into the world, in good ways you never imagined possible?.

Women and men, why not mingle with each other  more? See more of the similarities and connections with everyone you meet? See how you can bring out the best in yourself and each other? Why Not?








Describe two incidents in your childhood that you did something that was all about your personal desire, choice and empowerment.

Describe one incident in your adulthood that you did something that was all about your personal desire and choice.


Tick the traits that you portrayed in these three incidents.

strong_        determined_    focussed_        realistic_    

self-reflective_    proud_        adventurous_    knowledgeable_    confident_        pleased_        proactive_        self-aware_        motivated_    empowered_    self-defined_    unstoppable_    honest_        ethical_        kind_        depth_    experienced_    intuitive_        boundaried_    aware of others_    compassionate_        assertive_        inspired_        big picture_        own your time_ disruptor_        disciplined_    efficient use of time_    joyous_        sincere_        accountable_    why not attitude_


How do you know when you are overwhelmed/anxious?

How do you know when your relationship ( spouse, friend, colleague is overwhelmed/anxious?

How do you care for your needs when overwhelmed/anxious?


Make your health and fitness of body, mind and soul your priority._

Make your home and work place a healthy environment for yourself._

Financially educate yourself, be disciplined and see the big picture in your decisions to expand your wealth._

Choose joy with self talk, self care, healthy environment._

Create real relationships with soul mates._    Keep yourself attractive._

Give to others._    Do not react, act._    Be loving._    Manage your self-talk_

Focus on education and personal growth._ Stay ahead of the times._

Feed your brain, rest your brain, sleep lots as needed._

Know when to forgive yourself, and when to let go of what is not working.

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Thank you, to all of you for sending in your ideas on Living Big. Your communication is deeply appreciated. It has been a recurring question, "What does Living Big mean? Outside the Living Big community, I often have to tone down my answer so not to overwhelm the listener. So I state, "Ah, Living Big is about personal development, building motivation, learning skill sets on how to live a more successful, joyful, personal and career life. Thats all!". Sometimes they will nod, some will ask wonderfully exciting questions, others are kind of not too curious. It is like visiting the Grand Canyon, some travellers are crazy curious about the Grand Canyon, hike into its belly, breathe it, smell it, devour it with all their wonderful senses, and others take out their cell phones, and fill their curiosity with selfies and send texts, and instagram photos to their friends and family, and then think, NEXT! Living Big is not the latter! 

I wait for the listener to appear, to share with them what Living Big is really about.  It is a trouble making, rabble rousing journey, taking you into your fullest actualization of who you really are! Living Big takes you away from being special, and into a world of totally involving  yourself into every moment that you are living. Living Big is being fully active, not reactive!

Living Big is being fully active, not reactive!

Remember, how you respond to your life experiences, is a conscious, or unconscious choice.  It is always a choice made. The more self-aware you are, the more conscious you are, and  the stronger is the empowered leader inside you.  For all of us,  there is a mighty leader inside of us!  

Attending our Living Big events you will break through the daily drudgery of numbness, comfortableness, under-confidence and over-confidence. You will be invited into a world of self- discovery, excitement, quietness, depth, action, and sincerity in every aspect of your life!

Living Big is about making your life really happen for yourself. Living Big is living with a deepest sense of humanity, dignity, integrity, kindness and honesty. It is about living in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, and choices. You will become more vulnerable, stronger, joyous, loving, kinder, emotionally intelligent, creative, motivated and hungry to make your life happen in new ways!  Living Big is an intimate, and assertivejourney of individuation and self-actualization.

Living Big is about making your life really happen for yourself. 

An excellent example of Living Big , is all around us in the Natural World.  Wherever you look there is abundance. Have you ever studied the sky and seen any boundaries or limits? Have you ever thought of how many rain drops does it take to fill a stream, a lake, an ocean? Have you ever counted the needles on a fir tree, the dandelions on a prairie lawn? You see the Natural World is always showing us this vast infinite space of abundance and possibilities! Now imagine, how this infinite existence of abundance all around us, is also inside all of us. Now you can choose to breathe deeper, and just smile. Look around and smile! There is more ahead for you, for all that you love, and are inspired to build! Beautiful isn't it?

"Abundance is not what we have, it is what we share!". This is LIVING BIG!

This is what we are proud to excite in you when you attend our events. Sound good?

We love hearing your ideas and feedback!

Suzanne and Living Big Team

"Success is the joy of happiness!" Suzanne Kyra